I was recently asked to weigh in re the 11 (no idea why 11) most romantic adult films by the folks at Your Tango!

Here’s what we got (3/30/15):


1. New Sensations’ Torn

“Imagine: A married man meets much younger ‘manic pixie dream’ woman. She completes him, she gets him, she inspires him, and he’s torn about what to do next. If you’re skeptical of this film on the basis of its synopsis, rest assured that I was too.

Torn, however, is a complex and romantic exploration of evolving love, partnership, and passion. It’s a beautifully rendered film that will challenge your mind and heart, all while being extremely erotic,” says sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, author of the upcoming book Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment.

Get your copy of Torn and/or watch it now here.


2. Wicked Pictures’ Heart Strings

“In Heart Strings, a love-forlorn young woman finds herself open to the possibility of new romance when a mysterious stranger strolls into her small country town. But what’s his story? This film plays on many romance tropes from damaging past lives to Cinderella-like fairy tales, but it does so in a way that’s fresh and empowering. You will find yourself captivated by the romantic fantasy and humming the film’s original theme song long after the credits roll,” says Tibbals.

Get your copy of Heart Strings and/or watch it now here.


3. Marriage 2.0 (LionReach, Adam & Eve)

You can read my review of Marriage 2.0 on UPROXX (SFW) right here.


4. The Opening of Misty Beethoven

This is an amazing classic, one that destabilizes gender and celebrates unconventional romance – beautiful!

Get your copy of this seminal film, which I discuss at length in Exposure, right here.


6. New Sensations’ The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee

I was only asked for two “most romantic” titles, but Anna Lee is definitely in my top five. It’s an absolutely incredible film that resonated with me on a very personal level. You can read my review right here.

Get your copy of Anna Lee and/or watch it now here.


7. Wicked Pictures’ Aftermath

This film slayed me.

Read my review on UPROXX (SFW) here. Get your copy of Aftermath and/or watch it now here.


8. Girlfriends Films’ Paint

This also would have been another one of my “most romantic” choices had I been able to suggest five. This film is a beautiful exploration of lesbian romance conquering all, even in a very heterosexist world.

Read my review here (SFW). Get your copy of Paint and/or watch it now here.


Read about the remaining titles on YourTango here.

What do you think? What are your top romantic adult film title choices?


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