The Truth About The Porn Industry, Because It’s Time To Dispel The Myths About Women In Adult Entertainment (7/24/15, here)

According to Bobby Box at Bustle:

People love to hate porn. Even if said people are fans of pornographic material, they find a way to either publicly shame the industry by calling its actors sluts, labeling the industry seedy, or discreetly hide the material from their browsers. Despite being more welcoming of the industry than we have been in the past, porn myths are still prevalent and we’re still far from accepting it in our culture – I mean, you wouldn’t see somebody renting an adult film from a Red Box like we do a romantic comedy. But why is that? People watch porn – loads of people do. And this truth is far from a secret, yet there’s something indistinguishable keeping porn from becoming a mainstream success.

I spoke with Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, a leading sociologist who specializes in gender, sexualities, work and organizations, media and technology, and popular culture. Her latest book, Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment, hit shelves earlier this month, and addresses the mysterious phenomenon that is porn, dispelling all known (and unknown) industry rumors, revealing that porn is just a business like any other…

Bobby then goes on to discuss six myths and misconceptions I address in Exposure. It’s a great review article that you can read in full right here – enjoy!


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