When I was a kid, I *loved* My Little Pony ponies. Now granted, I may not have played with those ponies in the way Hasbro intended, but I still loved them. Because they were little horses.

Apparently though, since my childhood in the 1980s, My Little Ponies have turned into dolls. Like, they’ve become humans.

Consider: “From Pony To Person: The Disturbing Evolution Of My Little Pony” (7/19/13)

[T]he most shocking [toy] transformation is that of My Little Pony, a toy that was introduced in 1983 and has been revamped several times. Most recently, Hasbro introduced “Equestria Girls,” dolls that are pony-girl hybrids (think “goth” Barbies with blue or green skin and a colorful ponytail) along with a special DVD to be released in August. Per a press release, the humanized figures are supposed to represent My Little Pony characters as teenage girls in high school. (here)

So basically, My Little Ponies have gone from this:

cotton candy

(pictured: early ’80s era MLP starlet, Cotton Candy)

…to this:


(pictured: MLP High!)

So, Equestria Pony-Girls..?

Is it odd that when I think of pony-girls, I think of things like this:

PG(pictured: my little pony)

Equestria Girls seem to be an (uneasy) middle ground between the My Little Ponies of yore and actual adult pony-girls a la the drawing above. And though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with pony-girls and all manner of associated pony play occurring amongst and between consenting adults, why morph a kids’ toy in this way?

Everything I can find on the interwebs (so, extensive research) tells me that My Little Ponies are and always have been marketed to “girls” – consequently, it seems reasonable to me to assume Equestria Girls are also marketed to the same demographic. I get the need to modernize and evolve, but this seems to be a bit much.

And then a friend forwarded me the instructions to this little quiz

She has flowing hair, smooth skin, languid eyes, and she’s completely naked. Are we discussing here a star of one of the approximately four hundred thousand single-, double-, and triple-X-rated films out there, or one of the approximately four hundred thousand different “My Little Ponies” that flooded toy stores with in the Eighties?

That’s what we’re here to find out. Below is a list of names. Each name belongs to either a porn star, or a My Little Pony. Your job is to try and tell the fornicator from the latter. Supine or equine? New Wave Hookers or new-agey hoofers? You make the call. (here)

…and I knew that this pony process had been in play all along.

le sigh

MLP tween

(pictured: the “girls” in junior high..?)

Reprinted from PVVOnline.com – Critical Commentary on Adult Production [2010 – 2014]

* * *

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