I recently received an interesting query from AVN, one of the foremost adult industry trade and news organizations.

The team at AVN was getting into the New Year’s spirit, pondering their resolutions for 2015. They correctly assumed that they were not alone in their reflecting, so they put out a call to “industry movers and shakers” to ask what was on everyone else’s minds.

Here’s what I wrote, referring specifically to the my 2015 goals for my adult entertainment-related scholarship:

The name of my sociology game for 2015 is awareness.

Be it for good or bad, it seems like we hear a lot about porn mainstreaming. Aside from this sort of rhetoric being inherently patronizing, it also makes me a little wary. Current and former members of the industry continue to face myriad forms of discrimination, seemingly at every turn – this is the opposite of social acceptance, much less mainstreaming.

In 2015, I intend to keep working to draw awareness to the issues impacting the adult community, highlighting disparities, community and humanity, and the ways in which “industry only” issues actually impact every corner of our social world. Because the adult industry is not something that needs to assimilate or mainstream – it already is an integral part of wider society.

May your 2015 be as awesome as you are and as badass as you make it! \m/

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This is what shutterstock says 2015 looks like!

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