I saw this a couple days ago, and it just killed me with wonder, amazement, joy, and – admittedly – a little bit of freak out.

I present unto thee: Bear (1976) by Marian Engel.

This book is Canadian, and it won the Governor General’s Literary Award (which apparently is a big deal). Here’s the synopsis:

After five years buried like a mole amid the decaying maps and manuscripts of an historical institute, Lou is given a welcome field assignment: to catalogue a nineteenth-century library, improbably located in an octagonal house on a remote island in northern Ontario. Eager to reconstruct the estate’s curious history, she is unprepared for her discovery that the island has one other inhabitant: a bear.

Lou’s imagination is soon overtaken by the estate’s historical occupants, whose fascination with bear lore becomes her own. Irresistibly, Lou is led along a path of emotional and sexual self-discovery, as she explores the limits of her own animal nature through her bizarre and healing relationship with the bear.


The ’70s were so amazing.

Here are some pictures taken by a genius over at Imgur (the title of their posting? “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, CANADA?”):


(pictured: cover)


(pictured: back jacket and commentary)


(pictured: excerpt and commentary)

I must read this book!

I figure what’s actually happening is that Lou is imagining this relationship with the bear, like a descent into madness tale… or the bear is a metaphor for something (maybe he’s really some burly lumberjack guy or something)… or it’s just the decade. Things were different back then, like, in terms of obscenity law and stuff.

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Happy Friday, loves!!

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