Another interesting/”interesting” query that was oddly vague and seemed to disappear… But it did exist at one point, so you get to see it!

I received a query from a writer who was “looking for doctors who specialize in sexuality to give tips on how to choose a sex toy.”

I mean… what kind of doctors? (I think the person was meaning MD doctors) And what types of doctors are also sex toy experts? The questions could go on and on. Queries like these, I think, are more a reflection of reporter lack of information (…or laziness — meep). Regardless though, I tried to answer. 

Who knows?

DrCT: It’s all too commonplace in today’s world for intimacy to tank in light of social pressures and expectations – things like extreme busyness, overwork, and long-distance long-term partnerships, which are increasingly common. A Motorbunny, for instance, can be used in conjunction with videotelephony products (FaceTime, etc) to help enhance intimacy when partners cannot be in the same physical locations. 

Motorbunny also has app-controlled options that allow one partner to control its functions from afar while another partner enjoys. This technological capability in conjunction with the physical presence of a Motorbunny itself can really help minimize feelings of distance experienced by many people living with modern iterations of intimate interpersonal relationships today.         

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