Back in August, I was contacted by writer Evelyn Jones from Dagens Nyheter — “Sweden’s biggest daily morning newspaper,” according to Jones.

Jones was working on “a series of articles about sex and pornography in the future… focusing both on technical advances, changed attitudes and how time will change our sexual behaviors.”

She sent the following questions along, which she requested be answered via spoken interview (versus written correspondence, which, because of today’s media’s overwhelming tendency to misquote and misattribute insights, is my 99% all-the-time practice. Occasionally I make exceptions and do spoken interview, though I can’t really figure out why I choose some and not others — strange):

1. What do we know today about consumption of pornography, and the industry in itself?
2. What do you think about the future of the industry – How will it change?
3. What positive aspects could there be in the future of pornography?
4. What are the biggest pitfalls, or negative aspects, that could shape the future of pornography?
5. Will the taboo surrounding pornography as an industry and subject continue or will it change?
6. Will the attitudes towards pornography change, and how in that case?

I had asked Jones to send along a link to the piece when it was finally published, which she did not do. Luckily, I finally got around to looking it up today! Sadly however, I have no idea what the article actually says as it’s behind a paywall.

I have contacted the author for a transcript — I mean, they’re my words in there so I should be able to have access to them, right?! — but in the meantime, enjoy this preview of “Framtidens sex – så kommer tekniken att påverka våra sexliv” (published September 19, 2018).

Google Translate rendered the title as “Six of the future – so technology will affect our sex life,” which sounds about right.

UPDATED (December 1, 2018): The writer sent me a PDF of the story! It’s long and likely will require Google translate, but f you’d like to read it, email me!

(pictured: screengrab taken today by me)

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