I recently moderated and helped organize a debate about consent in porn. Produced by Sssh.com and live cast via Mindbrowse.com on February 25, 2016, the event set out to talk about a topic hot on everyone’s lips — consent.

In every social interaction, consent – permission for something to happen – is key. And though the concept itself is simple, consent becomes quite complex in daily life. It takes many forms and is constantly being (re)negotiated.

Porn production is one instance wherein consent is exceptionally complex. From booking a scene to endless iterations of on-camera sex, performers are negotiating various dimensions of consent in porn, often moment by moment. These negotiations occur within a subculture operating under its own set of unique norms, as well as within the context of a wider society that continues to stigmatize professional sex work.

A recording of the entire event is below, as well as some press re the panelists. You can also read an in-depth recap of the event by XBIZ Editor Alejandro Freixes here.


LOS ANGELES (February 29, 2016) – Sssh.com has released an online recording of last week’s popular panel discussion, “Consent in Porn: Debunking Myths and Managing Realities.” The panel was co-hosted by XBIZ.com and broadcast live at MindBrowse.com.

The full video of the panel discussion is embedded below.

“Consent in Porn,” moderated by Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, noted sociologist and author of Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment, gave attendees a comprehensive look at the complexities of consent or permission for sexual activity within the adult industry.

“We had a great panel discussion with some extremely knowledgeable and intelligent people,” said MindBrowse Producer and Sssh.com Founder Angie Rowntree. “The live audience really learned a lot from our experts, who opened their eyes to aspects of the adult industry rarely talked about through a very frank and candid discussion about this very important topic. With the release of the recording of the panel, I hope the discourse on consent will continue.”

The panelists included Mark Schechter, ATMLA agency owner and LATATA treasurer; adult performers Mercedes CarreraNina Elle, and Mickey ModDee Severe, owner of Severe Sex Films; and Conner Habib, an adult performer and the vice president of Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC).

The discussion examined the ways in which consent operates throughout the entire production process, beginning with the initial conceptualization of a sex scene, whether fetish, boy/girl, girl/girl, group, or other segment, to actual production of a scene. It also focused on the importance of casting and the skills needed by performers to deliver a realistic performance.

Panel members explored the relationship between agents and performers, and how an agent helps performers gauge their bookings, ensuring they understand the full breadth of what a scene requires, as well as the importance of consent on set. The discussion also led listeners into learn more about porn’s responsibility to teach consent to industry members, as well as the public at large to gain a greater understanding of adult entertainment and performers.

“It was an honor to contribute to the collaborative effort that was this event,” said Dr. Chauntelle. “From the community-minded work of Sssh and XBIZ to the panelists’ generous candor, this was a showcase of industry truths. Though it’s obvious to people involved directly, this event showcased the ways in which adult entertainment is both a part and product of wider society, as well as a unique space within it — just like every other community and culture.”

Well, what do you think about consent in porn?

consent in porn

(pictured: “Consent in Porn” event)

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