I’m never one to shy away from a question, so when writer Julian Shark needed some insights re penis pumps — including how they work and who they might work for — I was ready to bolster his knowledge.

You can read Julian’s article “I Tried a Penis Pump, and It Didn’t Suck” — It was such an ominous, looming thought to know that my penis was at the mercy of a long airless tube — on Cosmopolitan right here (Dec. 21, 2017). You can read my full correspondence with him below.

Julian Shark/Cosmo: How does a penis pump work? 

DrCT: Put simply, a penis pump creates a vacuum in a cylinder (the penis is in the cylinder, which is pressed against the body) to help a penis become erect.

Air is pumped out of the cylinder, creating a vacuum, which draws blood into the shaft of the penis, causing it to swell. The erection is can then be maintained by putting some sort of band or cock ring in place. (This prevents or slows the engorging blood from flowing out.)

JS: What kind of men should use a penis pump?

DrCT: I mean, any guy can and should use a penis pump, if they want. People who want to explore sex play around a device like this or even people who want to augment their erections in a drug-free type of way can use them too.

JS: Do they work?

DrCT: I am not sure about any rigorous statistics about functionality and efficacy, though I am sure relevant factors include quality of device, precision of use, and individual factors and variables as well. They may work really well for some, but only moderately well (or not at all) for others.

JS: Do you suggest men try them? 

DrCT: I suggest that people try anything that’s consensual and inspires them. Penis pumps seems to be a constant joke in pop culture, but when you really think about the mechanics involved, they are actually quite ingenious. If someone finds it interesting, there is no good reason not to use one. Just make sure to understand all the safety disclaimers that come with restricting blood flow, especially in terms of using a ring to maintain an erection.

(image via Cosmo)

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