What are you doing on Friday, April 19, 2013?

Because if you’re in LA, near USC, you should definitely come to this…


(pictured: EMP LA, 2013)

The EMP (Experience Music Project) Pop Conference joins academics, critics, performers, and dedicated fans in a rare collective discussion. Launched in 2002, today EMP Pop happens in various locations simultaneously, across the United States.

Each location’s events stick with the overall form and format of EMP Pop, while exploring unique location-specific phenomena. Here are this year’s locations and themes…

Seattle, WA; EMP Museum; April 20, 2013
Begging to Differ: New Visions, New Sounds

Cleveland, OH; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum; April 19–21, 2013
Curating the Pop Soundscape

Los Angeles, CA; USC; April 17 and 19–20, 2013
Locals Only: Pop & Politics in This Town

New Orleans, LA; Tulane University; April 18–21, 2013
Due South: Roots, Songlines, Musical Geographies

New York, NY; NYU; April 18–19, 2013
After the Deluge

The conference has broadened our understanding of the integral role music plays in the human experience and has resulted in multiple publications, including three extremely significant collections of essays. These successes have secured the conference as one of the foremost venues for discussion of music in the world.

And wouldn’t you know it – I’m speaking at this year’s LA installment.

My presentation – “Beyond ‘Porn Funk’ – socio-cultural evolutions of music in adult content, past and present” – is scheduled for Friday, April 19 from 3:15 – 4:45pm. It’s part of the “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” panel.

Here’s the synopsis:

Although all types and forms of pornography are created around the globe, the professional adult content production industry is unique to Los Angeles, specifically to the San Fernando Valley. Interestingly, the music scoring porn has often been regarded as “cheesy,” ancillary, or even unnecessary. This important dimension of adult content production, however, is anything but insignificant. Like all media (and all aspects of this media specifically), music in porn has evolved in conjunction with wider socio-cultural evolutions and with changes within the adult industry itself. In this talk, I will engage insights gleaned from in-depth interviews with currently influential and active adult content producers and/or directors in order to explore the significance of contemporary music in porn.

I’m pretty excited, especially because I got to spend a considerable amount of time talking with some pretty creative, passionate, and artistic minds in preparation for this project. I learned so much… And I know you’re all dying of curiosity – who did I talk to? and what did they tell me?!!

Like I said, you should definitely come.

Here’s the EMP LA website, which will provide you with all the details, maps, etc you may need –> EMP LA home

And here’s a link to the registration, which is 100% *free* –> EMP LA registration

You have no excuse, come hang out at school with me on Friday!! 🙂



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