I recently was a guest on The #GoodBadDirty Web Psychologist podcast, featuring host Nathalie Nahai!

Here’s a bit of press:

LOS ANGELES (June 23, 2015) – Noted sociologist and adult industry expert Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals discusses the porn business, its stars, gender, media, and more, when she joins best-selling author and host Nathalie Nahai on her popular podcast, “The Web Psychologist.” The episode is now available to stream.

“The Web Psychologist” features Nahai, a bestselling author and international speaker, who presents a variety of guests from various disciplines in lively discussions on the impact of online technology on attitudes and human behavior.

“This episode with Dr. Chauntelle was a fascinating foray into the huge, hidden, and often mis-represented world of adult entertainment,” said Nahai. “From the disconnect between what societies claim to think about the adult entertainment versus actual behaviors, to the changing expression of female sexuality over recent years, Dr. Chauntelle explores our relationship to sex, society, and ourselves through the lens of adult entertainment. An interview not to be missed.”

You can listen to the podcast on Nathalie’s web psychology site here and on iTunes here.

The folks over at BaDoink wrote some very nice commentary on the podcast here.

Nathalie’s team summarized the topics we covered nicely, outlining ‘during the podcast, you will learn:’

Why the adult entertainment industry and community is important to society

About the disconnect between what societies claim to think about the adult entertainment versus actual behaviours

The approximate percentage of all internet searches that are sex-related

Why we don’t know how much revenue the adult entertainment industry makes

About social discomfort around sex and sexual expression

Issues surrounding inequalities of gender in pornography

About the relationship between shame and sexual activities

To what extent the availability and visibility of tech and dating apps are shaping behaviours and taboos

About women’s involvement in the pornography industry over time

Why women have been erased from social discourse around adult entertainment

How notions and expressions of female sexuality have evolved over recent years

Where to find out the real story behind the adult entertainment industry and the people involved in it

The challenges of changing embedded social narratives and norms

…and much more – enjoy!


(pictured: Nathalie Nahai)

* * *

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