My friend Alia Janine recently began a podcast show for OnMilwaukee.comthe city’s first and only daily magazine and city guide highlighting entertainment-oriented events in and around the Metro Milwaukee area – kind of like a colder, more badass version of the LA Weekly or the Austin Chronicle.

I was super honored to be a guest on Alia’s second Scatterbrains Podcast show. Here’s her synopsis re some of what we discussed:

In this episode, we discuss what brought Tibbals to want to study porn. We talk about how she grew up in the valley where most of porn was (is) made and the other “research” that was extremely biased and outdated. We go through a short journey through her Ph.D. process and the difficulties she had with classmates because of what she was researching. We also bring up the fact that she has funded all of her own research out of pocket. Which is very rare in academia. So, if you ask her what she studies, you owe her a dollar (you’ll have to listen to the show to figure that one out).

I had a wonderful time talking to Alia… because who wouldn’t?! …but also because we got to touch on so many different important issues in a lighthearted girlfriends kinda way.

Give our conversation a listen right –> here.

And show Alia some love on Twitter at @thegloriouscunt and @ScatterBrainPOD – smart, sassy, and super amazing!!


(pictured: I have never been to Milwaukee…)