I recently got to speak with Mic.com about the amazing, unique time capsule that is HBO’s Real Sex” – “HBO’s ‘Real Sex’ Taught Us Everything We Needed to Know About, Well, Real Sex” (July 17, 2015)

On the air for about 15 years beginning in the early ’90s, “Real Sex” is a cultural moment that speaks exactly to the era re pre-BIG internet sex curiosity in a manner that was truly progressive. It’s open honestly and “real life” explorations is not something we could see today. It’s a bit pf nostalgia that certainly shaped our culture. I was honored to weigh in (right here).

Fun quote is below:

Chauntelle Tibbals, sociologist and author of Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society and Adult Entertainment, believes that Real Sex played a major role in exposing young people to the diversity of sexual experience.

“By the time you’re 18, you’ve learned and internalized so much based on what you have access to. This often tends to be pirated porn, which is not meant to be educational at all,” she told Mic. “The purpose of Real Sex didn’t seem to be about sexual titillation — really, it was almost like an anthropological piece, looking at human behavior… you could never have that content nowadays. It was perfectly [of] its era.”


(pictured: “Real Sex” in the ’90s)

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