So… last month I did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) forum on Reddit with the co-founder of Motorbunny, Brooks Butler. An AMA/IAmA is a live chat where someone hops on Reddit at a pre-set time and responds to questions as they come from any and all Reddit peeps that care to show up.

I did *not* start out well — meep!

I made some grievous errors in terms of not marking the chat “NSFW” (I had no idea, both that I should do that and that the topic was risqué — shows how skewed I am though that I don’t realize talking about sex and a sex toy is in the taboo range of topics for an anonymous internet chat site!), as well as not explaining what the whole point even was. Amateur hour, I know.

Myself and Brooks seemed to recover a bit, and it seemed like some good information was gotten and some good discussion was eventually had, but le sigh!

Here’s our intro text. You can read the entire archive on Reddit right here.

Hi Reddit, I’m Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, a sociologist and the resident sex & social behavior expert at Motorbunny, here with Brooks Butler, co-founder of Motorbunny. We’re here to answer your questions. Ask us anything! AMA

Hello, Brooks Butler (u/Motorbunny) and I are here representing Motorbunny and celebrating the release of the all new Motorbunny BUCK. We want to answer your questions, Motorbunny BUCK related or not! Ask us anything!

Here’s what a Motorbunny is (which is totally getting added after the fact because I know not the ways of the Reddit): Named “Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer – Small” at the 2019 AVN Awards, Motorbunny exists to make sexually creative experiences more accessible, and is the most powerful premium, saddle-style vibrator available. Designed for use by anyone, Motorbunny is the only saddle vibe that offers attachments for both men and women. Motorbunny has earned a reputation for innovation as the first in the category to release a companion app for wireless control. Motorbunny LINK technology also allows a user to consent to long-distance control of their Motorbunny via a simple web interface. As demand for Motorbunny and its range of innovative enhancements increases, the company continues to research, listen to users, and make incredible, creative sexual experiences more accessible in all markets. Motorbunny is available online at

Photo by Alexas Fotos from Pexels.

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