I recently wrote a piece for Men’s Health re the most surprising and/or innovative sex toys I could find — and trust me, I scoured the earth looking for creative things.

For various reasons that had to do with variable ideas about what’s innovative in conjunction with what a mainstream audience can (mentally? sexually? physically?) handle, some of the newest and most innovative toys were actually cut from the piece!

But don’t despair – below are some of the most interesting and innovative toys I found. Enjoy!

When it comes to sex toys and adventurous sexytime accessories, the sky’s the limit. And while some innovations push the boundaries of good taste, even within the context of fabulous fucking fun, others get creative in genius ways. Here are some innovative toys that you probably need.


A Private Gym… For Your Penis?

We’ve all heard about ladies doing kegel exercises to strengthen their PC (pubococcygeus) muscles. But men have PC muscles too, and strengthening your pelvic floor can apparently give you a boner for days. But how do you work it out? Private Gym is an actual medical device – an FDA registered 8-week pelvic muscle resistance training system designed to improve erectile strength, as well as prevent premature ejaculation, reduce urinary incontinence, and decrease prostate inflammation. So though this isn’t exactly a sex toy, it will definitely help you use your own human sex toy more effectively.

On Amazon here.


Veggie-Shaped Butt Plugs

We’ve all gotten a giggle out of gag gifts like the Baby Jesus butt plug. But what if there were whimsical sex toys – radish and carrot butt plugs and Popsicle-shaped dildos – that actually had an ergonomic purpose, hand-poured by a dude in Minnesota? Hole Punch toys’ indie/artisanal products made in limited batches seem to make people smile on multiple levels. According to Megan E. Church, a sex educator from Austin, Texas, “With toys shaped like vegetables and nuns, these toys would be great gag gifts if they weren’t such nice quality. The chuckle you get is worth it, but the dimensions of their toys are designed to hit the g-spot/prostate. You’d want to give [one of these toys] to someone who will use it.”

Hole Punch Toys here.


Weed Lube

Foria is an all natural “sensual enhancement” lubricant for women – a blend of food grade coconut oil and lab-tested cannabis. Each spritz contains about 2-3 mgs of THC. You apply it the external genitalia, and then wait about 45 minutes for full absorption (and magic). Reports indicate that Foria gets you high if you spray it in your mouth but not if you spray it on your lady parts. Reports also indicate that you can only get Foria products if you’re part of a medical marijuana collective. I’m not.

Foria here.

weed lube

Autoblow 2

If a traditional stroker/masturbation sleeve, a Roomba (or other useful household robot), and a human mouth morphed into a sex toy, well, apparently it would be an Autoblow 2. One simply holds the device in place, maybe adjusting the speed and intensity of the motorized up/down stroking motion some, resulting in what’s basically the laziest blowjob ever. Since I’m not equipped to test an Autoblow 2, I had to ask around. According to Jeff Dillon, a real life autoblown masturbator who happened to have one sitting right next to his computer when I made my inquiry, “The [Autoblow 2] is an amazing device. It’s the closest thing to a real blow job I’ve ever had, and it always swallows and never tries to kiss me after I’m finished.”

Autoblow 2 here.

autoblow big 2

Motörhead — The Official Pleasure Collection

The British company Lovehoney has an exclusive Motörhead branded sex toy collection, which is just so fucking heavy metal. Motörhead — The Official Pleasure Collection includes four bullet vibes and a classic torpedo-shaped vibrator, all featuring the band’s iconic logo and each named after one of the band’s popular songs. “I’m almost giddy to see this new line,” said Sherri L. Shaulis, senior editor of pleasure products for AVN. “The ‘sex and rock ‘n’ roll’ combo has been around for what seems like forever, but sex toys? And Motörhead and [lead singer] Lemmy Kilmister? I can’t wait to see what comes from this collaboration.”

These toys are still not available. Lovehoney here.

Motörhead-Lovehoney sex toys

Self-Lubricating Vibrators

UK-based company Love Life’s Cascade vibrators are the first ever self-lubricating, rechargeable sex toys. They come in three different shapes – the Flow, the Ripple, and the Wave – for vaginal and anal use, with the lubrication hidden inside. You pop open a little reservoir and pour in your lube of choice, which you can then dispense at will by pushing a button located near the base. According to Chelsea McCain, Director of Novelties for Adult Empire, “When I first saw the [Cascade vibrators], I got that, ‘Why the hell didn’t I think of this?!’ feeling. It’s an amazing design – no need to stop and fumble with lube when you have it available with the push of a button, giving you the perfect glide.”

Cascade here.


Hands-free Strap-on with DP Potential

Tantus’ Feeldoe is a vibrating strapless strap-on. It can be worn vaginally, as well as anally, by inserting the bulb part into one of the aforementioned orifices. This obviously gives you double-penetration (DP) capabilities if you already have a penis affixed to your body. There’s a bit of a learning curve required for wielding this toy though, and Tantus themselves recommend wearing the Feeldoe around a bit before you try it with your partner. According to Chelsea McCain, Director of Novelties for Adult Empire, “This toy is genius! No strap mumbo jumbo to mess around with, you get more skin on skin action, and the Feeldoe will help develop your anal or vaginal muscles for more intense orgasms.”

Feeldoe here.


You can read about the five toys that *did* make the cut for Men’s Health right –> here (8/8/15).

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