I recently had the great honor of profiling MedX Inc’s lead innovator and all around business badass, Matthew Mills, in mg magazine.

Here’s a bit from the article’s intro:

Ask any environmentally conscious person, and they’ll tell you poisons are killing the earth. Ask anyone in cannabis, and they’ll tell you insecticides are killing both the earth and business. The team at Med-X is working on solutions to both issues.

Med-X “innovates all-natural and alternative solutions to everyday problems.” The company is made up of research, development, manufacturing, and media divisions, all seeking to advance the cannabis industry by being green, clean, and de-stigmatizing. One of Med-X’s primary current endeavors is its Nature-Cide line of products, including Nature-Cide All-Purpose Insecticide and Nature-Cide Insecticidal Soil – nontoxic, all-natural pest management products designed as specific solutions for issues unique to cannabis cultivation. Med-X’s media division, “The Marijuana Times,” specializes in educating the cannabis community on medicine, science, and the world according to weed. This entire ship is being steered by COO Matthew Mills.

Mills is big, brash, and 100% So Cal. Both disarming and direct, casual and sharp, he, along with his crew of doctors, scientists, and business leaders, endeavor to improve our world, both environmentally and socially. But how can bug spray change the way the world looks at cannabis? MG sat down with Mills for the inside scoop…

mg is print only, so if you’d like to read the full piece you can subscribe here or pick up a copy at your local Banes & Noble. Matthew Mills is a fascinating combination of business investment savvy and real-world solutions making. It’s definitely an entertaining and memorable interview. Enjoy!


(pictured: Matthew Mills in February’s issue of mg)

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