What impact has the #MeToo movement had on the live cam space? I got to explore this question and many more during a series of adult industry seminars.

I recently got to help organize and moderate two of the four seminars that constituted the first ever CAM U Day, held during this year’s Phoenix Forum. CAM U was a full day of educational sessions dedicated to the business interests of cam performers, broadcasters and hosts. It was presented by YNOTCam.com, a “B2M” educational and community space for models and other online hosts.

I helped out with:

“What Models Want”

Cam performers have a lot of options when it comes to picking a cam network or studio as a partner. What do models look for when choosing between available platforms? Does it all come down to the payout? How important is the technology behind cam platforms, and how much do models consider how well they’re treated by network and studio staff? 

“#MeToo and Live Cams”

In 2017 a staggering number of people came forward with stories of sexual abuse. The impact of these stories is still taking shape, even as more women continue to step forward to demand serious and signifcant changes to the culture. What impact has the #MeToo movement had on the adult industry, and how might it continue to force new dialogues and changes to the status quo? Does the live cam sector need to make changes too, or does it offer a unique opportunity for performers to stay in control in ways they couldn’t do in the industry of the past? 

Both seminars were great fun to moderate, with the #MeToo seminar being the highlight of the program. You can read sum ups of the program on YNOT here and on AVN here.

(Pictured: Image of #MeToo seminar via AVN)

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