I am in LOVE with this podcast.

It’s an hour’s worth of some serious knowledge (and humor) drops with the guys at InnovationCrush. We recorded this conversation in early April and spoke about piracy, negotiating power via social media, and adult industry discrimination (including a segment about CHASE bank specifically *before* their most recent outburst re adult performers’ account closures), among so many other things.

Here’s the description:

As human beings, we are hard-wired for preservation and re-creation, constantly stimulated by sexual imagery. Given our “sex cells,” it’s no wonder that fans of the adult industry consume by the millions, allowing porn to set many precedents in everything from marketing to technology to law. At the same time, not only is the topic of sex a cultural taboo, but the industry itself faces a ton of challenges. Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals’ socio-pshychological expertise on sexual behavior and the adult industry is highly sought after both by educational institutions and the porn industry itself. On IC, the doctor and author breaks down our quiet cultural obsession, addressing equality in the business, missed perceptions, epic fandemonium, psychology of performers, and more. (here)

If you would be so kind, I highly recommend giving this show a listen. You can hear it all and/or download it for free on SoundCloud right here, or just push play below – love it!!

* * *

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