I recently got to deliver the FASTEST 30-minute seminar ever at LA’s Sexual Health Expo (SHE)…

(the presenter who went before me went way over time, so I had to condense my talk + Q&A to just 21 minutes – I was timing it haha o_0)

According to SHE’s press material:

Featuring today’s leaders in sex, intimacy and romance, SHE will deliver a crash course in understanding modern sexual relationships with must-attend workshops and captivating intimacy product showcases — all with the chic backdrop of the stylish Sofitel Hotel in West Hollywood.

SHE will showcase the best from the world of sexual wellness with top experts as your guides. SHE’s exhibition area will allow you to immerse yourself in the exploration of today’s top intimacy products with fun product demos and exclusive special events alongside like-minded singles and couples.

Experience a refreshingly open environment where learning the latest facts about sex and intimacy is celebrated with style and flair!

The Expo was definitely chic and upscale, and though I’m not a psychological or medical sexual health expert, I can definitely assess me some patterns re sex-related behaviors occurring in society on a wider scale. I was excited to speak about sociological factors related to sex, sexualities, gender and the life course – all in under 21 minutes!

Here’s the description of my talk:

Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond

Sex and sexuality are intensely personal. So intensely personal, in fact, that we often forget about the social dimensions shaping sexualities. In this session, we will discuss social dimensions related to sex, sexualities, and ageing, focusing specifically on the ways in which social emphases on certain versions of “sexy” shape and reshape us throughout the life course.

It was a pretty good seminar with an amazing turnout. I was excited to highlight this very important dimension for folks thinking about sexualities – because the medical/physical and the psychological are hugely significant, but so equally is the social.

Nicole Theordore, a young woman in her early 20s who writes for Playboy, shared “5 Things [She] Learned at LA’s Upscale Sexual Health Expo”  here. Nicole writes:

Overall, it felt way less like a gathering for horny singles in search of free toys and lube (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and way more like a boozy cocktail party with an extreme number of sexperts [and one sociologist] competing for your attention. Given my lack of experience at sexual health conventions, I knew I was bound to get schooled.

Not too far off mark, in my opinion.

Check out SHE’s website here. Hopefully, the expo will become an annual event!


A packed SHE seminar, image via Playboy.

* * *

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