I recently joined Stormy Daniels for one of her dance bookings in Houston, TX. You can read about the entire experience on AVN right here.

My idea was to give the piece a sarcastic title — “Amateur Stripper Mines Political Scandal at Texas Gentlemen’s Club” — that would make sense upon reading. AVN editors pointed out the SEO problems that would result from such sass though, so we changed it.

Either way, enjoy a snippet from my most recent strip club foray below.

Stripping Away the Stereotypes With Stormy Daniels 

Behind the Scenes at Vivid Live Gentlemen’s Club in Houston

An opportunistic, ne’er-do-well sex worker milking a cash cow for all she can get. That’s what a lot of mainstream media coverage would have you believe about Stormy Daniels’ current feature dance tour, which is booked solid through the end of 2018.


“Out of guilt, I gave a half-hearted clap for Daniels… Though I’m no stripping critic, if that’s a job, it was obvious Daniels wasn’t a professional stripper.” (VICE)

“Ms Daniels is mining this for all she can get …” (The Independent)


I attended the March 3 installment of a three-day stint that Daniels, 38, recently did at the Vivid Live Gentleman’s Club in Houston, Texas. Certainly, I was about to witness epic-level chicanery unfolding during the “Make America Horny Again” tour—a name unsanctioned by Daniels that a club owner in South Carolina came up with, and others latched onto.

I rode to the club with Daniels and her assistant Kayla Paige, a delightful goof and terrifying driver, at 10:30 p.m. Daniels’ first show of the evening happened around midnight. The club was about half-full and pretty sedate at that point. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a creepy figure wearing a dark cloak maneuvering through the audience—only to head up on stage!

Daniels, no longer needing to be stealthy, flung off the cloak to reveal a sexy vampire outfit. She began with some dance steps and a handful of stellar knee-to-nose high kicks, moving into recognizable feature-dance fare. As I proceeded to belt out the words to “Cry Little Sister” like it was 1987 again, I wondered how Daniels’ darkwave show-music selections would connect with the audience.

Well, it would seem…

(pictured: image grabbed from the Vivid Live Club’s site on March 4, 2018)

Read the rest on AVN right here.

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