Thanks to the kindness and inspiration of one Soren C. Sorensen – aka Magnus Ramachandra, aka @Seksi – I am happy to gift you all with video footage of my ENTIRE “The New Normal – Women in Adult” seminar!!

The seminar happened on Friday January 18, 2013 at 11:30 AM at AEE/ANE in Las Vegas, NV. I organized and moderated the panel of six women adult industry leaders: Bonnie Feingold of Honey’s Place, Angie Rowntree of, New Sensations’ Jacky St. James, cam model Natalie Star, TS performer Wendy Summers, and performer, director, and publicist Tanya Tate.

It was amazing. Here’s my write up of the whole thing, and here’s video of it, too!! Enjoy, and thank you Seksi!!

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