Can orgasms really deliver world peace? Can a global orgasm for peace have some form of positive impact on humanity?

Well, today is World Orgasm For Peace Day — and many people seem to think “yes!”

According to Telegraph Men, the annual day, now in its eighth year, is the brainchild of activists Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell, who founded the Global Orgasm for World Peace movement in 2006. Its aim is simple: achieve a “global orgasm” by getting people to think about world peace as they climax during a specific 24-hour period. Sounds like a reasonable enough goal.

Sheehan and Reffell argued that such a moment, shared worldwide, would create a wave of feel-good energy transcending race, religion, and nations, resulting in positive change for mankind. Kind of like resetting or taking over all the negative energy in the world and  channeling towards a greater good — again, sounds like a reasonable enough goal.

I spoke to Telegraph UK about the uplifting power of orgasms, and sure — why not — their capacity to contribute to a better world.

Read the full piece “Can a ‘global orgasm’ really bring about world peace?” right here (December 21, 2016), and read my full commentary below.

TelegraphUK: Orgasms are good for you in terms of endorphins, and oxytocin is often called the “social hormone” — so more orgasms could lead to a unified world. But could it be argued that orgasms could lead politicians and world leaders to make better judgement calls for the benefit of all mankind?

DrCT: I think so, yes. Oftentimes, some of the most hateful, discriminatory laws, bills, and rhetoric come from people who are locked in some sort of denial about their sexuality — either regarding the types of sex they’d like to be having or simply the fact that they are sexual in the first place.

If people/politicians had access to the (consensual, obvs) sex that they were craving, they would certainly feel more at peace with others and “others” and likely more clear-headed in terms of making beneficial choices re community, policy, and regulation. It’s long been shown that pleasurable sex relieves tension in “average” folks — and since politicians are people first and foremost, reduced tension in world leaders could actually *only* lead to better calls benefiting wider society.

Well, what do you think?

(pictured: This is what a global orgasm looks like!)

* * *

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