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“Porn, for Tibbals, isn’t some weird, sexy, dangerous alien phenomenon over there. It’s part of our culture and part of the lives of our neighbors, our friends and ourselves. Tibbals wants to take porn out of its bubble and show how even sociologists can be sexy sometimes, and how even porn stars, or especially porn stars, can be normal.” — Noah Berlatsky, Playboy.com

Exposure is an expansive but also very accessible account of the sociologist’s experience researching the adult industry… Not only does the book pull apart misinformed mythology surrounding the industry, effectively giving us an honest narrative about the lives of those involved, it also invites us to understand the trials and tribulations of a sociologist.” — BaDoink.io

“Sex is such a hot button topic in America, and it shouldn’t be. I applaud the author’s temerity and her vociferous support for this area of our society; the part of our culture everyone has an opinion about, yet hesitates to defend.” — GimmeThatBook.com

“Tibbals reveals the human side of adult entertainment that will reframe the way you think about the business — not in a judgemental way, but an intellectual one.” — Transgress Magazine


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Advanced praise for Exposure

“If you want to speak from understanding and not parrot media portrayals of porn, read this book!” — Nina Hartley, award-winning adult entertainment actress and author of Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex

“Many conventional university-types have spurned Dr. Chauntelle and her work merely because of the topic. Do not repeat this mistake. If people are doing it, then sociologists should be studying it, and you should be reading about it in Exposure.” — Kerry O. Ferris, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology, Northern Illinois University

“For anyone with a passing interest in porn—and let’s be honest, we all have more than a passing interest in porn—this book is a must-read.” — EJ Dickson, Lifestyle Editor, The Daily Dot

“Dr. Chauntelle brings a voice of expertise and legitimacy to an industry that rarely, if ever, gets the serious treatment it deserves.” — Nate GlassTakedown Piracy

Exposure is a porn nerd jackpot that academia would be wise to add to its syllabus.” — Jiz Lee, performer and editor of Coming Out Like a Porn Star

“Almost everything written about the pornography industry has come from outsiders, and much of that writing is a caricature of the enterprise. Exposure offers a unique and fresh view of the adult industry because of Chauntelle’s unprecedented access to it. A groundbreaking book, filled with insights into a previously hidden world.” — Ronald Weitzer, PhD, George Washington University

“This book is both a fly-on-the-wall account and an analytical peek behind the complex and sometimes harsh realities of a business where fantasy rules the day. Readers will come away from Exposure with a better understanding of an often misunderstood industry, and a fresh perspective on the business of marketing and selling sex.” – Dr. Kathryn Hausback Korgan, co-author of The State of Sex

“These days, there are a lot of academics willing to try their hands at studying the adult porn industry, all too often with the hidden agendas of finding out the ‘real reason’ women are willing to have sex on camera, or perhaps to ‘save’ the women’s ‘souls’ before it’s too late, or simply because they’re titillated by the idea of getting close to people who have sex in ways and amounts that the academics can never picture themselves having. And then there’s Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, a genuine researcher who isn’t afraid to step through the doors of adult businesses, spend time on adult movie sets and actually talk to the people who make this multi-billion-dollar industry run.” — Mark Kernes, Senior Editor for Legal Affairs, AVN Media Network

“Dr. Chauntelle approaches her subjects as people who’ve made decisions rather than people who’ve spun around to find something has happened to them, and that’s the great difference in Dr. Chauntelle’s work.” — Gram Ponante, editor of Porn Valley Observed and GameLink’s The Naked Truth

“Chauntelle Tibbals has written the first insightful book about the ‘real’ modern adult film industry and world of porn. No one else has the combination of academic background and inside knowledge to write this book.” — Karen Tynan, Attorney at Law, counsel to numerous adult industry companies and performers

Exposure presents the true-to-life story of [Dr. Chauntelle’s] own experiences doing research on the porn industry, providing a complex, rigorous, and honest look into the life of a researcher.” — Corinne Reczek, PhD, Assistant Professor, Departments of Sociology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, The Ohio State University

“A humanizing, thoughtful look at the adult entertainment industry from someone who has spent over a decade getting to know the people who work in it.” — Nadine Strossen, John Marshall Harlan II Professor of Law, New York Law School, and former president, American Civil Liberties Union

“Porn has become such a pervasive cultural force that it demands to be written about thoughtfully and seriously. Dr. Chauntelle is the sociologist who is doing it.” — Vince ManciniFilmDrunk/UPROXX

“Dr. Chauntelle incessantly pokes holes in the doctrine that most of us have grown up with in America. Exposure shatters those notions.” — Steven St. Croix, 11 time Best Actor award winner

“[Dr. Chauntelle] is a true innovator, having carved her own unique lane of study, point of view, and service to the world. She’s friendly, accessible, funny, and a brilliant scholar, with insights and skill sets that are both intriguing and highly necessary. ” — Chris Denson, host, Innovation Crush

“Whether you’re already a fan of adult entertainment, curious about its inner workings, or just looking for an inspirational story of one woman’s endeavor to bring social justice to a marginalized part of society, Dr. Chauntelle’s Exposure will grab you with its charm and win you over with its heart.” — Dan Miller, Managing Editor, XBIZ


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