Just for you, wonderful newsletter recipients – here are the three stories that got cut from my recent Men’s Health article about on-set mishaps, directly from the performers who experienced them.


Sovereign Syre

I was writing an article about a female director for a men’s magazine. She invited me to come hang out on her set where she was going to be doing a scene with Mr. Big. The first three years that I was in porn I only worked with women, but I had a serious infatuation with tall, dark, and handsome Mr. Big, who also had an accent and a penchant for really rough really intense scenes. I jumped at the opportunity and was the first person to arrive that day.

I was sitting alone in an empty kitchen playing on my phone when Mr. Big walked in. “Are you my girl today?” he asked. I wasn’t, but I smiled at him suggestively. “You’re really pretty,” he said. Then he grabbed me and kissed me, and it was on.

You have to understand that on set “warming up” with your co-star is totally normal. I’d seen this kind of thing before, and now it was happening to me. He had me bent over the island in the middle of the kitchen, my face pressed into the cool marble. But after a few minutes he stopped abruptly – “We should save some for the scene.”

I excused myself to the bathroom to freshen up. I sat on the toilet trying to figure out a way to gracefully sneak off to my car and zoom away, but it was too late. The director and crew arrived, and I came out, pulse thrumming in my temples.

“There you are, let me introduce you!” the director said, referring to Mr. Big.

“We’ve already met,” he told her with a smile.

Sovereign Syre1

(pictured: Sovereign Syre)


Derrick Pierce

“There was the time that I was really sick, but it didn’t hit me until I was already on set (in San Francisco, I had flown in from LA just for this shoot). I asked the [production assistant] for something to help out, to which he stated ‘No problem,’ he had some DayQuil. Except it turned out to be NYQuil…. About half way through the scene I was falling asleep. When we were setting up for the pop shot, the camera man had to keep waking me up because I was turning into a narcoleptic while I was jerking off.”

Derrick Pierce2

(pictured: Derrick Pierce)


Mindi Mink

“I may technically be all by myself when camming, but there are a lot of people on the other side of the computer. They all have requests, and sometimes those requests can be pretty ‘unique.’ I once had someone ask me to sensually sniff and lick my armpits. I wish I had a recording of myself doing it because I want to see if I was able to pull off looking sexy while tonguing my own armpit. I’ve also had someone ask me to open my mouth real wide so they could see all my teeth – molars, cavities, and all! Plus they wanted to watch me to finger brush my gums. I always say, ‘Hey, whatever floats your boat!’ Besides, it keeps things interesting.”

Mindi Mink2

(pictured: Mindi Mink)


You can read all the other on-set mishaps right here – because they explain a thing called butt jelly, and we all need to know what that is!


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