I am very excited to be one of eight speakers participating in the upcoming “Mind Your Heart: Synchronizing Inner and Outer Technologies for Love” tele-summit on May 6, 2015 at 5 pm PDT!

You can watch the summit for free right here.


The event’s host and organizer, Yalila Espinoza, is an integrative health educator who helps people reclaim their sexual vitality. Her education and background includes diverse trainings in sexuality and tantra, as well as journeying with Amazonian plant teachers.

Yalila produced the IRIS summit in September, 2014 – “Mind Your Heart” is her second take at integrating a variety of healing perspectives and approaches, ideally to formulate a fuller picture of sexuality and sexual health.

The vision of “Mind Your Heart” is to utilize the best of technology for cultivating healthy sexual relationships with ourselves and others. I will be speaking specifically about the role of technology and social media in the portrayal of sexuality (IOW, adult entertainment).

Perspectives include:

North – Modern Technologies (how daily use of high tech impacts your connection with the world)

East – Mind Technologies (why you get stuck in your mind and how to find your way out to your heart)

South – Shamanic Technologies (how to expand your awareness of reality and be more vital in your love relationships)

West – Love Technologies (the impact of porn and internet dating, and heart opening techniques)


(pictured: a nice representation of different directional perspectives guiding the summit)

I am very excited about this event! I love the combination of various “visions” of sexuality, lacing together threads that are often considered unrelated, in order to get a fuller picture of what’s going on and what you can do to be more connected with your sexuality. I feel like viewers are going to get a lot of useful tools.

Come join me on May 6th at 5 pm PDT!

You can check out everything else related to the event and watch the entire thing for free at MindYourHeart.ooo right here.

You may also purchase recordings of the entire event here.

PS don’t you love the .ooo?! I just learned about that relatively new tld via Mind Your Heart. You say it: “dot oooh” – Mind Your Heart dot oooh!

And here’s Yalila giving a little intro…


* * *

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