I recently got to be one of eight speakers participating in the “Mind Your Heart: Synchronizing Inner and Outer Technologies for Love” tele-summit. It was really interesting! (more details here)

The vision of “Mind Your Heart” was to explore utilizing the best of technology for cultivating healthy sexual relationships. I spoke about the role of technology and social media in the portrayal of sexuality, including online porn, webcam, the use of dating apps, and more.

One point I was especially happy to address was re the benefits and detriments of how we use may technology, vs technology being somehow inherently good or bad. I also was very happy – as always – to explain the behind-the-scenes story of tube sites. In particular, how tube sites in many ways show a very VERY thin and particular slice of erotic content, one that we feed by insisting on pirating/stealing porn.

Take a listen to learn exactly what and why (and make sure to pay for your porn, people!)

If you missed the summit, you can listen to the recordings right here.


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