No Shame Amber Rose! – Amber Rose Is Organizing A “Slut Walk,” and She Made a Sketch About It

The Walk of Shame is real thing – so real, in fact, that there’s an Urban Dictionary definition of it:

Walk of Shame: The walk across campus in the same clothes as yesterday after you slept with someone and spent the night in their dorm room.

An endlessly tedious trope rammed into just about every raunchy college comedy ever made, the Walk of Shame also ties in with many things impacting actual life – namely slut shaming.

Slut shaming is the pervasive tendency to degrade or mock women who enjoy sex (or just seem to), who have “lots of” sex (where’s the cut off for “lots of”?), and/or who we think just seem kinda sexual. Or are intimidating. Or do sexy things that we don’t feel comfortable doing ourselves. Or who don’t like us back so we have to pout!

Anywho. Amber Rose is a hip-hop model and artist, fashion designer, and actor (per Wikipedia – deep digging!). She’s also the author of a forthcoming book How To Be A Bad Bitch, which will likely be a better read than Selfish (average: two out of five stars), and is organizing her own Amber Rose Slut Walk on October 3 in LA, an event intended to draw awareness to and, ideally, mitigate things like slut shaming, sexual violence, and victim blaming.

And now, Ms. Rose has starred in what amounts to the greatest one minute and fifty-three seconds of my week, so far – Funny or Die’s “Walk of NO Shame.” Enjoy!



I can’t decide which is funnier – this outer space outlandish exchange with a construction worker:

“I respect that you enjoyed yourself last night!” he comments thoughtfully. “I think we can all agree: Having sex is fun!”

“Oh, yes it is,” Rose replies.

Or the kid who asks: “Mommy, did that woman get f*cked last night?”

(Given my penchant for cursing, I’m going with option two.)

No Shame Amber Rose!

Amber Rose is a woman who seems to get slut shamed a lot. She’s also someone who seems to get that derisive “famous for being famous” label quite frequently, which one could argue overlaps quite a bit with slut shaming.

But no matter how you feel about her, her brand of activism is certainly reaching people who wouldn’t be paying attention otherwise.

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Amber Rose (far right)

(Amber Rose, far right)

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