Friends! Would you like another chance to win a copy of Exposure? Then get on Twitter and tweet/RT to Many Vids at @ManyVids! (NSFW) is the online home of Ginger Banks, a woman who read Exposure and was very affected by it. She posted this sweet message, which prompted Many Vids to do some exploring, ask some questions, and run this contest:


Here’s one response from the Q&A Many Vids did with Ginger about Exposure:

MV: What do you love about this book so much, and how has it helped your career since reading it?

Ginger: I love this book so much because it inspired me to fully embrace my career, which I had never done before. I had a certain sense of shame associated with being a cam girl that was relieved quite a bit after reading the many case studies Dr. Tibbals presented. Before reading this book, I knew so little about the history and stigmas facing the adult entertainment industry. It helped give me a better perspective on why our country has such a difficult time with sex and sex workers. (more here)

You can read Ginger’s full interview here (great discussion, link highly NSFW)

And if you’d like a chance to win a copy of Exposure, get on Twitter and tweet/RT to @ManyVids!

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PS Nothing makes you appreciate the work cam models do more than trying to take a picture of yourself!

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