I am very excited for this upcoming week and the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE)!

AEE is one of the industry’s biggest (and most long-running) consumer/trade shows. Business people do work stuff, fans get to meet the stars, and people who are new to the industry and/or are just curious about what goes on behind the scenes can learn a lot from AEE’s awesome seminar series.

This year, I am involved with two seminars outlined below.

“How to Develop an Effective Social Engagement Strategy” (Dr. Chauntelle as a speaker!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 (3-4pm)

Everyone knows that a company needs to be active on social media networks. But effective social media strategies are developed differently for adult entertainment companies than they are for mainstream ones. Also, the requirements that social networks place on adult entities can change frequently and with no notice, making it necessary for adult companies to develop strategies that are nimble, current and innovative. Helping you understand how to develop and implement such a strategy is what this seminar is all about.

“Demographically Speaking — Is There An Audience For Your Porn?” (Dr. Chauntelle as moderator!)

Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015 (1-2pm)

Understanding who your audience is, always a prerequisite for master marketers of adult content, is even more important in a world in which the targeting and successful delivery and conversion of online, mobile and social media-derived traffic has become an art form of sorts, as well as the potential maker or breaker of companies. This seminar is about the proper marketing of content as well as the content itself.

I will be tweeting all sorts of fun things from AEE throughout the conference (and awards!) too, so come visit me on Twitter at @drchauntelle if you want some real-time observations and silliness.


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