A while back, I got to review two titles from Madness Pictures – Latin Mouth Club (2012) and Young Mouth Club (2011). Both were POV blow job movies wherein some self-proclaimed “average guy” named Mo got sucked off by five different “latin” and “young” ladies, respectively.

I honestly wasn’t expecting too much from either title. And I honestly have never been so resoundingly incorrect about anything before in my life.*

*I’m exaggerating here, but just slightly.

You can read my reviews of both films here, but suffice it to say: they were amazing – crafty and clever deconstructions of problematic stereotypes and tropes engaged head on, all while being sexy and raw in a manner that’s unique to well-done POV.

So, as you might imagine, when I got a super special early release copy of Mo’s newest efforts – Asian Mouth Club 7 (2013) – I was giddy!!

AMC7 front cover

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…but I was also nervous. What if Mo’s other work was a fluke? Or, what if he was a one trick pony incapable of capturing the same magic? Yikes.

Thankfully, Mo did not disappoint. In fact, in some ways, Asian Mouth Club 7 was even more impressive than its predecessors.

This collection follows the same format – five truly POV blowjob scenes, wherein it’s easy to slip into the fantasy. Mo doesn’t talk, and he surely doesn’t touch. The girl does all the work, giving viewers more of an opportunity to imagine their way into the action. And each scene is absolutely golden.

But the sociologist in me enjoyed Mo’s lead-ins a bit more than the POV.

Each blowjob is preceded by little solo tease and an interview… Just as he did in Latin Mouth Cluband Young Mouth Club, Mo asks each woman some of the most stereotypical (and occasionally super problematic) questions imaginable during these pre-scene conversations. But in so doing, rather than being crass or cavalier, he counters our culture’s apparently endless quest to flatten difference and nuance found amongst and between Asian women by actively engaging ethnic particularities. He asks these ladies about “Asian stereotypes,” providing an amazing platform for the performers to deconstruct these issues as they see fit.

It’s brilliant and so very effective.


(pictured: Krissie Dee)

This is exactly what he did with Latin Mouth Club and Young Mouth Club; and, just as I did before, I was left wondering if it was all a plan – did Mo do this on purpose? So I decided to ask…

Dr. Chauntelle: How much do you know about each woman before their respective shoot? How do you come up with your questions?

Mo: Before each scene, I have a short conversation with the girls to get to know them a little and find out what they’re comfortable talking about. I like my interviews to start off as a question but then allow the response to start up a conversation. Then we go from there.

Dr. Chauntelle: To me, it looks like you draw many of your questions and discussions from problematic cultural stereotypes about Asian women (and Latinas in your other work), giving each lady a platform to contradict and/or complicate these wider misrepresentations. Do you do this consciously, or did it just emerge organically? (or both?)

Mo: Stereotypes are something every group of people deal with whether it’s race-based or not. I find it interesting to see if the people in that group, in this case Asian women, find them to be true. The questions I ask are meant to be light-hearted and fun. If they’re informative along the way, even better.

And then I also had to know…

Dr. Chauntelle: You often talk about yourself as an “average guy” – were you nervous or intimidated to work with Asa Akira, a woman many would argue is the most “well-versed” (read: having done the most off-the-wall things) performer working today?

Mo: I’ve known Asa Akira for a few years and have been on set with her a number of times for other productions. Asa is a sweetheart, but I have to admit I was intimidated to work with her. I’m not a full-time performer, and she’s the [current AVN] Female Performer of the Year – I think I had every right to be intimidated! I really appreciate Asa agreeing to do my movie. She’s at a level where she can pick and choose what types of scenes she wants to do, and I feel very proud to have her in Asian Mouth Club 7.

Once again, this average guy with a not-so-average job managed to embed a some social justice into a POV blowjob movie. I am just as impressed with Asian Mouth Club 7 as I was with his other efforts. It’s an exceptional collection on many levels.


(pictured: Cindy Starfall)

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Reprinted from PVVOnline.com – Critical Commentary on Adult Production [2010 – 2014]

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