Weed-infused beef jerky? A porn star invented it – because, you know, paleo and protein and a version of healthier eating and whatnot.

CNBC recently reported on porn and pot, two Ps that go really great together. Specifically, Chris Morris wrote about Justine Joli’s Green Fairy Edibles and her aforementioned magical beef jerky. He also discussed Natural Cannabis, a company in the process of licensing prominent porn stars’ personas to marijuana strains and products (e.g. Layla Price’s Pineapple Dream and Booty Kush varietals. Lizz Tayler and Skin Diamond have products, too).

You know you wish you’d thought of it.


(marketing materials for Natural Cannabis, used with permission)

I asked Karen Tynan, the attorney who drafted the porn star contracts for Natural Cannabis, about why this idea is so brilliant. This is what she told me:

1. Natural fit with a natural product

“It’s a natural fit with many porn stars. Layla Price was the first adult film performer to join with Natural Cannabis, and she’s a great example of how weed fits with her style and brand. She’s all natural* herself, she already uses [weed] to relax, and she’s knowledgeable about the different products. She’s a great person to choose boutique and organic strains that she actually enjoys smoking.”

* “All natural” is porno speak for no boob job.

2. “How many pocket pussies can one guy buy?” – or, a sustainable demand

“Endorsement of products is a cornerstone of marketing and branding. Here, performers can endorse a product that they regularly use and that fans want to purchase. Frankly, how many pocket pussies can one guy buy? But a fan can buy Skin Diamond’s favorite marijuana strain every week. That’s a pretty good business model.”

3. Sign o’ the changing (high) times

“I’m not a person that uses marijuana and I’ve only been in a dispensary once to meet a client, but I’d be foolish not to see that the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana is a trend that is not slowing down. Recognizing that trend, adult film performers and dispensaries can reach new consumers and customers who want to indulge their tastes – in many regards.”

A soulless Brad Pitt once endorsed perfume, Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is the body of Always (reasonable), and Chuck Norris has apparently certified something called The Total Gym Home Fitness System for years.

Who better, I ask, than actual stoners to usher us into this brave new world?



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