The first ever convention dedicated to the rapidly rising “camming” industry – Camming Con – is happening soon, from July 31 – August 3 in Miami, Florida!

Here is some (slightly copy edited) info about the show:

Camming Con is the first conference of its kind that caters to the ever-evolving global Live Cam Industry. We are dedicated in supporting and encouraging the progress of this massive industry and all its platforms…

There are two answers to the question “Why?:”

1. Camming Con decided it was time to get this massive industry in one place…

2. Camming Con wanted to create and environment were models and fans could meet in person!… (here)

Camming is like the 2014 version of phone sex – people pay for virtual personal time with a model, here via online video chat vs. good ol’ Ma Bell. This dimension of the adult industry is exploding, and an event of this nature seems more than warranted. In terms of format, CamCon appears to be similar to the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in that it’s a hybrid B2B+Fan show.


(pictured: CamCon logo via the interwebs)

Thinking about the ins-and-outs of the cam segment of adult entertainment is so interesting! From the structural organization of cam networks to speculating about what sort of impact barrier protection legislation may have, from the unique requirements of models’ work to tensions existing between camming and other segments of adult, cam both is touched by the wider industry and society and has its own complex issues going on.

I recently spoke to tech aficionados BetaBeat about camming in general in an article called “Webcam Girls and Their Diehard Fans Flocking to Miami for Largest-Ever Camming Convention – proof that camming’s becoming as mainstream as porn” (here, 7/22/14).

The author only used a line or two from our entire interview, but I thought it was interesting enough to share in full – enjoy!!

BB: 1) Do porn stars seem to be transitioning over to camming more and more? Why do you think they’re making the move?

CT: Sort of – though I haven’t heard of too many performers moving into cam exclusively, more and more “porn stars” are getting on cam in addition to their conventional production work. I’ve also noticed that new performers now seem to have cam built into their repertoires at the very beginnings of their careers.

From what I can tell, there are two primary reasons for this. First, camming can be a great moneymaker. Consumers are gravitating toward the experience; thus, there’s opportunity for performers on cam *if* they’re good at it (camming work is very different from conventional porn performance work). Second, but also related to the first point, work in conventional porn production is becoming way more competitive. Due to piracy, the economy, etc, producers are shooting less. Consequently, there’s less work available for performers; thus, cam.

BB: 2) What do you think makes certain cam performers more successful than others?

CT: A cam performer’s ability to connect with the people they’re talking to and their work ethic are definitely factors.

Like I said before, cam work is not like conventional porn performance work. Cam models have to be able to interact in a way that feels sincere, all while hitting whatever notes the person they’re chatting with desires in real time! This is challenging work and can obviously make or break a performer/model. There’s also the aspect of work ethic. Hours logged, maintaining a consistent schedule, keeping appointments – these are all things that contribute to a model’s success.

BB: 3) Why do you think camming has become so popular (enough to warrant its own convention this year)?

CT: As a culture, as we get more and more online and have access to basically anything we want instantly, one huge hole has begun to emerge – personal connections. I think that’s a lot of what people are craving, even if it’s just the illusion thereof; thus, cam. It’s a real comment on the state of society in general, one that we should pay close attention to.

BB: 4) What are some of the risks involved with being a full time cam performer?

CT: Well, there are the obvious sexual health issues that emerge, both from working alone and if one’s working with a partner or partners. And, as cam continues to become more and more popular, regulators will start to take a closer look – cam is already subject to 2257 records keeping standards, and emerging regulation regarding condoms, etc will also impact camming. There’re also “social” risks. Like porn performance, camming is highly stigmatized. Though this is extremely problematic, one “risk” may be evaluation and judgment from others – the sex worker stigma, as I refer to it.

All this stuff is so interesting and complex and important. Camming is *the* current growth segment of the adult industry, and I often speak about camming in this context. What I really need to do however is write about it more.

Alas, I wish I was going to Camming Con this year. I’ll definitely be there in 2015, though!

* * *

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