I recently weighed in with The Kernel re an amateur-porn hub where men defile their laptops for strangers…

Per reporter Miles Klee (here):

Picture a heterosexual man. There’s been a build-up in him of late, and he’s desperate for release. Visualize a straight woman, in dire need of lusty, worshipful attentions, her body language suggesting as much. The two meet in an unusual club that few people have heard about. The attraction is immediate, the erotic impulses mutual and symbiotic. Before either really knows it, both have reached an aestheticized climax. There’s semen everywhere.

They haven’t learned each other’s names. They haven’t seen each other’s faces. In fact, they’ve never even left their respective bedrooms. Odds are, however, they’ll meet again and and play out this kinky ritual once more.

Welcome to the virtual hookup hub that is Reddit’s r/TributeMe.

…and there’s so much more!

What is a “tribute,” exactly? In a phrase: a money shot. Women post nude photos or GIFs of themselves on the subreddit, typically highlighting their breasts or buttocks, though vaginas of varying bushiness are far from uncommon. These visuals include captions like “Seeing your loads on me makes me so wet,” “cum show me the love,” and “I love cum on my tits… anyone want to fulfill my fantasy?” The answer is an unambiguous yes. Men peruse the latest images and choose one worthy of masturbation, then reply with evidence of their satisfaction, delighting their female partners. It’s a perpetual cycle of doubly incentivized pleasure.

I had the opportunity to weigh in re several aspects of r/TributeMe including interpersonal boundaries and motivations (based on social norms regarding romantic relationships), reasons why people may seek “thrill-seeking” behavior, and the authenticity of exchanges (among many other things).

You can read the entire piece here – “The amateur-porn hub where men defile their laptops for strangers” (2/22/15) – it’s truly fascinating!


pictured: funny picture via The Kernel

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