…except maybe just one comment – !!!!

The @DILFs_of_Disneyland Instagram account boasts:

Welcome to the happiest place on Instagram! Bringing you the hottest dads at Disneyland & California Adventure #dilfsofdisneyland #dadsofdisneyland

Clearly the folks who started this account didn’t realize DILF – like MILF – is supposed to be written in all caps.

And speaking of MILFs (or milves, as is the Gram Ponante plural), maybe one more comment: if this account were about the MILFs of Disneyland, would we/I regard it similarly?

I know, I know: there are a million instances of media akin to the (fictitious) MILFs of Disneyland, and this is a wayyy bigger discussion requiring many comments. But… just think about it.

Check out @DILFs_of_Disneyland here – what do you think?

* * *

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