I recently spoke to The Daily Dot about trends in adult content production and sex depictions, specifically about the ways in which presentations in adult may impact (in a good way!) our own feelings about sex and our bodies. The discussion was couched in an interview of “squirt queen” Cytherea’s crowd-funded campaign to return to adult entertainment.

To wit, from “Cytherea the Squirt Queen is crowdfunding her return to porn” (9/19/14):

[Cytherea is] widely credited with spawning the trend of female performers squirting in the adult industry, as sociologist Chauntelle Tibbals, Ph.D. explains.

“There is nothing new about female ejaculation; there is, however, something decidedly new about its prevalence and visibility in adult content—this is directly linked to Cytherea,” Tibbals told the Daily Dot via email.

“The handful of studies focusing on average women’s feelings about squirting (and their capacity to do so) all tend to report things like shame and embarrassment, and occasionally acquiescence. In porn, however, squirting is a fairly coveted skill, something many performers have even worked to cultivate. All since Cytherea.”

Read the entire interview here.