I just had a new study published, and I’m very excited about it – read on, enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions!!

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Sociologist Chauntelle Tibbals Publishes New Research Exploring Porn, Law, and Society

Los Angeles, CA (May 6, 2013) – Sociologist Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, Ph.D. is pleased to announce publication of her newest research “When Law Moves Quicker Than Culture: Key Jurisprudential Regulations Shaping the US Adult Content Production Industry.”

The article, which appears in The Scholar: St Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social Justice (2013, 15:2), uses historical sociology to explore the research question: Why, in spite of its legal and protected status, is adult content and adult content production still a stigmatizing and polarizing dimension of US culture?

“This is something that’s always confounded me,” Tibbals stated. “Adult content production is legal in the US and we hear endless rhetoric about the adult industry mainstreaming, but we as a culture still seem to struggle with porn.”

Starting in the 1970s and engaging examples occurring as recently as 2012, Tibbals considers key jurisprudential proceedings, technological developments, and intersections between porn and wider society. Each dimension points to legal findings out-pacing socio-cultural evolutions.

“I was excited to bring law, history, and sociology together in this work… And I was especially excited to demonstrate the ways in which these developments impact the real world today,” Tibbals explained. “I just hope it does some good!”

To learn more about Tibbals’ work and for a copy of “When Law Moves Quicker Than Culture,” contact her at chauntelle.anne.tibbals@gmail.com or visit chauntelletibbals.com. Visit her on Twitter at @drchauntelle.

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Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, Ph.D. is a sociologist specializing in gender, sexualities, work & organizations, and media & popular culture. Her research has been published in numerous scholarly journals including SexualitiesGender Work & Organization, and Stanford Law and Policy Review. She has been quoted and cited by numerous cultural and news media outlets and currently holds a Visiting Scholar position at the University of Southern California (USC).

The Scholar: St Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social Justice is dedicated to fighting for the rights of the legally disadvantaged and unrepresented by exposing injustice and educating the legal community. Learn more about The Scholar at TheScholarLawReview.org

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