By day they deliver your messages… By night they deliver hot lesbian sex!

Bike messenger movie? Girlfriends films? Yes! (plus it’s gotta be better than this) But what to say about Fixed Gears, Fast Girls? Now, after watching it, what to say…?

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Fixed Gears, Fast Girls is an account of the aptly named (fictional?) bike courier service, Fixed Gears, Fast Girls. Presumably, these messengers are both fast and “fast” – getting in and out in under 25 minutes.

It’s actually a very porn-(stereo)typical scenario wherein the delivery person arrives… and then they fuck, but with some contemporary twists (like bicycles and random packages containing semen and baked goods) thrown in for good measure.

There are four total scenes in Fixed Gears, Fast Girls. Accordingly:

1. Newbie delivery girl Annika Amour has a flat tire. She rushes into a bike repair shop where Eden Alexander and Maxine Holloway give her a few lessons on being a “fast” girl.

2. Retro-rockabilly seamstress Billie Sweet is waiting for a delivery from Dante, but Dante’s laaate. Good thing Billie gets held up by flat tire though because the courier does eventually show up…

Hands down, this is the hottest scene in the collection. This scene also contains some interesting touches that augment the the queer porn-ness of this title. We get to see Dante donning a strap-on. We also get to see Billie shy away from sucking Dante’s (strapped on) cock without a condom. And though the audio was such that I couldn’t make out why Billie actually wanted the condom in place (safer sex reasons, not liking the taste of dong material, etc), her desire/request for such a prophylactic comes through loud and clear.

(pictured: sexy Billie and Dante)

3. Surly-as-fuck delivery punk Dylan Ryan brings Arabelle Raphael a box of busted pastries 20 minutes before her shop is scheduled to open. In what’s a really sexy moment, Dylan then proceeds to let Arabelle know that she doesn’t really care about the baked goods at all.

4. (I think this scene is one of the oddest bits of adult content I’ve ever seen…)

Maggie Mayhem is ovulating; and when Juliette March arrives with a package, she makes her stay a while. In what’s a (thematically) super strange (to me) moment, Maggie then manipulates the blindfolded Juliette into injecting her with a turkey baster full of baby potential (which is, incidentally, what was in the package she was just courier to).

Although this scene was lighthearted and the performers were good (Maggie affects an especially bizarre bizarreness), I really didn’t care for it. It felt a little manipulative (Maggie’s character) and poked a bit too much fun at fertility issues and chakra-centered spirituality. And at one point, Juliette breathes “You’re insane…” in Maggie’s direction. Yes, her character was, and it’s this nuttiness that rides a line between lighthearted and kinda mean.

(pictured: pregnancy planning)


Some other points:

– This film occupies and interesting space on the spectrum between lesbian and queer porn. Though categorizing content seems to create unnecessary problems and though clearly many things are both queer and lesbian (and lesbian and queer), Fixed Gears, Fast Girls had an anomalous combination of both genres’ key elements.

In pretty much all respects, this film is obviously lesbian porn. Regardless of performers’ gender identities and sex categories (I’m using “she” and “her” for gender here and assuming performers’ identification with female-ness on the basis of what I saw in the film only; however, obviously, these sorts of labels may vary in terms of self-identification), these scenes 1) all involve ladies bangin’ ladies and 2) are definitely not “girl-girl” in the mainstream production sense.

Further, there are quite a few queer porn, sex positive, and safer sex elements in this film – we actually see the donning of multiple strap-ons (something that generally happens off camera in more mainstream titles), and there’s that whole condom thing in the Billie/Dante tryst. These types of dimensions, however, are not carried out throughout the film (not all toys are sheathed, there are no additional latex barriers, some toys are shared, etc).

Perhaps these things were calculated decisions on the behalf of the filmmaker(s) – find ways to incorporate some queer porn elements into a relatively mainstream distributed (see my next point, which has actually been clarified/expanded some) lesbian porn title in the hopes of subtly planting some safer-sex seeds…? Either way, Fixed Gears, Fast Girls blends some genre-specific elements in order to ride an interesting filmic line.

(pictured: flat tire)

– Given that this film was produced, written, and directed by Madison Young, I’m assuming Girlfriends Films’ role in this project is more of a distributor only-type thing.

*updated* – actually, representatives from Girlfriends Films were involved in both shooting and editing Fixed Gears, Fast Girls, so the project was a little more collaborative than I had originally thought. Regardless, either scenario (distribution or collaborative production) is awesome; and I’m happy to understand the project’s behind-the-scenes production dimensions a little better.

– I liked the retro-urban Bay Area stylings present throughout Fixed Gears, Fast Girls. The second scene between Billie and Dante captured this the best. But, though the street noise present in all but the final scene (if I recall correctly) added some realness to this flair, it detracted from the project overall.

In sum, Fixed Gears, Fast Girls is definitely worth a look if you find the premise, players, and aesthetic/artistic/thematic elements appealing. This film is also a great testament to Girlfriends Films’ mission of inclusivity – I’m happy (but not at all surprised) to see another diversifying title emblazoned with their pink ladies.

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(pictured: Juliette March knows not what’s in her package)

Reprinted from – Critical Commentary on Adult Production [2010 – 2014]

Images used with permission.

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