Such awesome news – I am honored to have been recognized with Juliland’s “Best Guest” Award for 2014!

Juliland produces a wide array of podcasts, including the fabulous “MORE w/ Mo.” Mo and I are great friends, thus I got to be a guest on the show four (4!) times since the fall of 2013. (I’d like to think my guest run was because I’m so insightful, but who knows haha)

Anyway, Mo and I and the Master of the Juliland Universe – renowned photographer Richard Avery – talk about all kinds of fun stuff during the shows. Some topics include my research, kid movies that adults can enjoy, and celebrity sex. Scandalous!

My bite-sized (apprx 25 mins) episodes are all right –> here

Thank you so much to Mo and Richard and everyone at Juliland for this truly kind honor! And make sure to check out all the other Juliland Award winners for 2014 right –> here


* * *

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