Recently, I was honored to have been asked to write an essay for the inaugural issue of Porn Studies, an academic journal exploring adult content. To wit, we now have “Gonzo, trannys, and teens – current trends in US adult content production, distribution, and consumption” – you’re welcome!

The first issue of Porn Studies released on March 21, 2014 and has received much fanfare, both as a curiosity and as a sorely needed “finally!!” I was pleased to see my contribution mentioned specifically is several mainstream media outlets, including VICE News, LiveScience (which was reprinted by HuffPo), and The Atlantic.

Here’s a choice quote from VICE:

“My goal is not to get all people to like porn, but to understand that it is worthy of discussion,” Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, author of “Gonzo, trannys, and teens…” told VICE News. “Porn is a part of society and involves social actors. These social actors work, have families, and myriad interests. Porn is just one part of their lives.” (here)

Lovely, and so so important and true – not everyone has to like everything, but all dimensions of social life are worthy of rigorous sociological consideration. Even porn.

You can read the entire journal in full, including essays from current adult performers and my work, for free online until May 31, 2014 right here. Following that, consumers can purchase online articles individually or order a complete hard copy for $104.

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