I was recently contacted (January 10, 2018) by writer Kashmira Gander for Newsweek. Kashmira was interested in family role play content produced within the adult industry.

Though I have not yet see the final piece, our correspondence is copied below for your faux-cest edification — enjoy!

Kashmira Gander/Newsweek: How long have you been working with the porn industry and in what capacity?

DrCT: I don’t work in the porn industry per se. I am a sociologist and have been researching the adult entertainment industry and its synergistic relationship with wider society for over 10 years now. I do occasionally collaborate with industry leaders on seminar development, educational events, and service projects as my own way of giving back to the community.

KG: In your experience, has there always been an interest in porn featuring family members? And has the focus/style of movies changed over the years? E.g. milk, step-sister, step mother, etc. the acts being performed, the scenarios etc.

DrCT: An interest in taboo story lines featuring family role play is long standing — classic examples include Taboo (1979) and Taboo 2 (1982), both of which considered exemplars of adult filmmaking.

The way this genre of content has been shot and marketed over the years has certainly evolved to reflect wider social changes, as well as changes in the industry itself.

Currently (and for the past few years), content in this genre has taken great pains to establish itself as not incest. The phrases “faux-cest,” as well as “family role play,” are key. In addition to never shooting performers who are actually related, the “step” emphasis is often present in titling and marketing. There are often disclaimers at the beginning of films explaining the content is fantasy, and the storylines often take great pains to declare these are not incest films. In this way, this content genre seems to capitalize on consumer desires for this type of taboo, while also maintaining clear cut lines regarding off-limits depictions of actual incest.

FYI – links Taboo and Taboo 2



KG: Why do you think people are interested in these types of movies? 

DrCT: There are many reasons why a viewer might be interested in this genre of porn – its taboo nature, its fantasy nature, and a possible reflection of their or own fantasies or lives are just a few.

KG: Is it common for actors to have an objection to performing in ‘incest’ movies? Or do they not really care about the story?

DrCT: The best way to figure how performers feel about content production is to always ask performers themselves. My sense however is that generally people feel ok about creating this content.

If a performer was not comfortable with a scene idea, then that would be negotiated at the outset of the booking. And just like any other type of artist or performer, people may engage narratives as part of the artistic process that are not necessarily comfortable for all viewers. This is true of all content though, both porn and mainstream. Also, the “faux-cest” and “family role play” aspects are key. Overt depictions of incest are not what’s being depicted.

KG: Do you think porn should ever be censored? Please explain your view.

Professionally produced adult content that is both ethical and consensual in terms of production and consumption should not be censored. If content connects to viewers with its themes and depictions, then it is not up to censoring bodies to privilege some and jettison others.

Adult content is not for all people (not everyone likes it, nor should they), nor is all content for all porn viewers – and that’s ok! Diversity in sexual expression is complex and nuanced.

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