I was recently asked to weigh in re romantic comedies, the myths they perpetuate, and the deleterious impact these myths may have on “real-life” relationships for the Chicago Tribune!

The resulting article breaks down a series of popular and subversive messages, messages that seem to present in every single rom-com ever made.

Here’s a snippet from “Hollywood’s relationship myths can wreak havoc on real-life romance” by Jessica Reynolds (8/27/14):

Love can conquer all. Rom-coms often focus on the relationship between the lovers, with cursory attention to everything else. The premise, of course, is that their love will take care of anything life throws at them, because they have each other.

Unfortunately, we must accept that sometimes love is powerless to external forces. Love cannot cure illness, or prevent people from dying.

“When you think about how people deal with grief and loss, there’s a lot of resentment and stress,” said Tibbals. These dramatically unromantic circumstances can tear even the most devoted couples apart.

You can read the entire article at ChicagoTribune.com right –> here


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