By now, we’ve all heard of Crystal O’Connor, co-owner of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana and apparent religious freedom fighter…


(pictured: Crystal)

Crystal recently weighed in re Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which allows businesses to discriminate against members of the LGBT community, for FOX News. According to Crystal (in the video below), she’s OK with gay folks in her business… just not with catering gay weddings (via Raw Story 4/3/15 here).

Reminder: Memories serves PIZZA, which in my experience is a top menu choice for ALL weddings – not!

Anywho, re “the gays” and business and sin:

“They are welcome in the store, anyone is welcome in the store, but it’s against our belief to condone, to cater to their wedding. We’re condoning that if we do that, and that is against our religion. That is against our faith,” she said.

Asked how serving gays in the restaurant was different than catering a wedding, O’Connor was at first confused, before explaining that it isn’t a sin to serve gays in the restaurant.

“It is not a sin that we  bring gays into our establishment, and to serve them” she said. “It is a sin, though, if we condone — if we cater their wedding. We feel we are participating. We’re putting a stamp of approval on their wedding, and we cannot do that.”

So… Crystal and Memories Pizza will take money from customers in one instance, but not in another? Because capitalism is ok, just not when it comes to something as sacred as the business of weddings?

Crystal – honey – think what you want to think. You have that right here in ‘merica (as long as you’re not infringing on the rights of others, which you and this law actually are doing, so really this whole point/post is moot), but don’t try to bullshit yourself or anyone else.

Call yourself what you are: a hypocrite, which is worse than *just* being an asshole.


* * *

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