I get a lot of questions and requests for quotes and insight. I always try to offer outreaching writers, reporters, and scholars something in terms of a response, even if the queries themselves are somewhat off-mark.

(Sometimes I re-write questions to be more precise, have more inclusive and/or accurate language, or to just not be outright silly. What can I say, I’m a giver!)

I recently received something asking about “AI and the future of sex.” Specifically, the writer wanted to know how AI (artificial intelligence) and technology in general will shape human sex lives in the near future.

Ummm… huge question! Like, how in the world does one answer that? Given the world’s current obsession/paranoia about “sex robots” though, I figured I should at least weight in.

Here’s what I had to say:

Technological developments have been shaping human sex lives, basically, forever. From the pill to the internet to body safe materials (sex toys), our sex lives evolve and change shape in various ways as technology does the same.

Regarding tech generally and AI specifically, the impact and possibilities that teledildonics and app-controlled toys have had on everything from long-distance couples to sexual communication in general are oft-discussed.

Another interesting aspect of AI and sex tech is the impact they may have for people with variable physical and emotional abilities. For instance, an erotic object that is interactive can have a significant impact on a person who may not be able to access computer screens or mobile devices as easily as others. Technology shaping the functionality of Motorbunny’s new API features, for instance, help make its use more accessible – which will certainly have an impact on people’s sex lives.


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    Great question – Solid answer.

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