A new survey out found that an increasing number of people in the US are experimenting with technology in the bedroom. (this does not surprise me)

The study, commissioned by social webcam site Cam4 and French survey institute IFOP, surveyed a representative sample of 1,023 people from the US over the age of 18 on their sexual habits. The data revealed that:

Live Sex! – 21% of women and 32% of men watch live sex shows online

Skype sex! – 26% of respondents saying they had “had sexual relations via a webcam” (48% said they would do so if given the opportunity)

Sexting! – 40% of women under 35 have shared photos or videos in which they were at least semi-naked, either via text or through social media

…and so much more!

Read my commentary on this study and its implications in Refinery29 (5/8/14 – this piece does a great job summarizing the study’s entire findings):

It’s possible that the wide accessibility of sex content on the Internet — both educational and otherwise — has made us more comfortable with ideas that used to be taboo.

As Chauntelle Tibbals, a sociologist and porn researcher, points out, “In recent years, as a culture, we have really matured in terms of sexual shame and judgement. Though not everyone shares the same proclivities (nor should we) and though we are definitely not perfect, it has become less and less acceptable to evaluate others’ wants and desires. I think this has contributed significantly to both our use of technology to explore sexualities, as well as our increased openness about it.” (here)

…and in VentureBeat (5/7/14):

“It’s absolutely not surprising,” sociologist Chauntelle Tibbals, who studies technology’s impact on sex, told VentureBeat.

Sexual norms and interaction used to be limited to your community, but now, she told us, “No matter what you like, chances are there is at least one other person out there [on the Internet] who also likes it.” (here)


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