I recently corresponded with a writer from Refinery 29 who was asking about sex trends in 2019.

The query from November 27 said that the writer was “[o]pen to any suggestions of things (kinks, practices, positions, etc.) that are garnering increased buzz and will likely be prominent in the New Year.”

The resulting piece outlined three prospective trends — getting stoned before sex, fewer faked orgasms, and “Karezza” (a kind of affectionate, gentle intercourse, according to the article) — which did not include my insights… but that’s okay.

Here is my “trend” assessment, copied in full below for your trendy reading enjoyment!

DrCT: As a sociologist, awareness and mindfulness seem to be ever-increasing factors shaping human behavior – especially behavior related to sex and intimacy.

In addition to informed consent becoming more and more the norm in sexual interactions – which, finally and thank goodness — one key place I see awareness and mindfulness manifesting is regarding accessibility. In addition to app-controlled devices, products with various forms of voice control really help augment accessibility for those with various forms of sensory loss. Developing products with an awareness of accessibility is definitely creating buzz for the new year!

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