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I am very excited about SXSW this year because the panel I organized and will be moderating — “Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element” — is happening at SXSW Film 2018 on March 11!

Below is some press about the event that was released last week. Hope to see you there! If you have a question, email me or let me know via Twitter!

“Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element” #SXSW 2018 Date Approaching

Panel of esteemed women adult filmmakers will be held on March 11

February 22, 2018 (Austin, TX) — The panel “Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element” will be held on March 11, 2018 at 3:30 PM during SXSW FIlm 2018. The panel’s official hashtag is #sexstoryfilm.

“Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element” will feature insights from highly respected women directors Angie Rowntree (, Dee Severe (Severe Sex Films), and Shine Louise Houston (Pink & White Productions). Sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals organized and will moderate the event.

“My goal in organizing this panel was to come as close as possible to accurately and fully representing women’s explicit filmmaking today, but within SXSW’s limitation of only three speakers,” Dr. Tibbals explained.

Panelists each represent various scopes of professional erotica production. The discussion will focus on the importance of intertwining explicit sex with high production values and immersive narratives for total audience engagement. Speakers will also discuss various social and cultural issues impacting adult content production today including safety standards, workplace ethics, representation, and common misperceptions of porn.

“Each filmmaker on this panel brings a wonderful, creative, and diverse perspective to the table and has also demonstrated a significant commitment to industry activism and community building,” Dr. Tibbals added. “I can think of no better through line connecting these panelists, who will essentially be showcasing contemporary women’s erotic filmmaking to a global stage.”

Stay connected to this event as SXSW nears. Tweet panelists and Dr. Tibbals questions and/or ideas for discussion, and make sure to use the event’s official hashtag: #sexstoryfilm.

If you are attending SXSW in 2018, make sure to take part in “Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element” on March 11, 2018 at 3:30 PM (Central Standard Time) in the Austin Convention Center.

SXSW Film 2018 runs from March 9 through 18. For more details about SXSW Film 2018, please go here:

Reach out to “Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element” panelists via Twitter at @AngieRowntree @SevereSociety @ShineLouise and @drchauntelle.



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