I am very excited for this upcoming week and the XBIZ 360 Conference!

XBIZ 360 is a trade-only conference dedicated to decoding the future of the adult entertainment business and erotica through informative and diverse seminars, intensive networking opportunities, and inspiring keynotes. It’s a great place to learn about business and community things from some really impressive leaders.

This year, XBIZ is offering a seminar called “TS Porn: A World of its Own.” Here’re some details:

On Thurs., Jan. 15, from 2:00-2:50 p.m., XBIZ 360 will present a special educational workshop entitled “TS Porn: A World of Its Own,” which will reveal how the transsexual adult entertainment industry is a unique niche with a loyal fan base and a strong opportunity for further growth.

Conducted by experienced industry insiders…, the panelists will discuss topics such as trans porn terminology, marketing and brand visibility, sub-niches within the industry, technology and much more.

The session will kick off with a brief overview of the TS industry, encompassing the differences between straight and TS erotica, as well as discuss trans rights issues and the terms associated with TS porn and the genre’s evolution — with the panelists outlining their experiences creating and marketing within the niche and how this process has changed over the years.

I am so excited for this seminar! Though there are not any performers listed as panelists (I don’t believe the full roster was posted however, so there may be some performers included), it’s awesome that XBIZ is engaging this really vibrant space in the business. As a sociologist, I’m so interested in these topics. There’s even an entire chapter (!!) in my forthcoming book, Exposure, dedicating to exploring issues related to TS porn.

I’m also very excited for a special installment of the “Women in Porn” live series I host for Mindbrowse. I will be leading a discussion between Penthouse’s Kelly Holland, sex educator Elle Chase, attorney Fred Lane, and performer/director Courtney Trouble. We will be talking about a wealth of interesting topics including ethics, access, the UK porn ban and free speech, and the mainstream commodification-plus-repudiation of porn (in addition to many other things).

Tune in to Mindbrowse.com on Wednesday, January 14 at 1 pm PDT for a free live feed of the event. It promises to be extra awesome!

I will be tweeting all sorts of fun things from XBIZ 360 throughout the conference (and awards!) too, so come visit me on Twitter at @drchauntelle if you want some real-time observations and silliness.


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