I was recently contacted by Patch O’Furr, the driving force behind Dogpatch Press. Dogpatch Press is a SFW blog dedicated to “making a mark on furry journalism” via explorations of Furry lifestyles and community.

Patch had read my article in Porn Studies and had some questions about Furries within the context of adult content. What emerged was a really nice conversation about niche subcultural communities, stigma & misappropriation, and evolutions in wider society.

Here’s snippet from “Dr. Tibbals on Furries, sex and sociology:

Me: As a culture, we tend to focus on dimensions we don’t understand; and given our general social-sexual repression, it’s not surprising people think “weirdos with stuffed animals” when it comes to the furry community. Hopefully, education and outreach will eventually unravel these inappropriate overgeneralizations and misconceptions…

…but I’m remiss to close on such a sour note. Though it may not be perfect today (or in five years), the fact remains that society is evolving. Via the interwebs, people are no longer as isolated and we now know that, whatever our proclivities, there is a community for us. This is extremely powerful, something that I believe will contribute to our growth on a human/global scale. (here)

You can read the entire interview over on Dogpatch Press right here. Thank you to Patch and all his readers for the opportunity to talk and share!

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