I recently spoke to Complex magazine about Mia Khalifa. They ask: The social media sensation seems to exist outside the adult industry. But is her controversy all calculated? I think it may be, at least in part.

Check out a “Inside Mia Khalifa’s Mysterious Rise To Porn Superstardom” (July 24, 2015) – including theories re what’s going on here and some blasting of a certain piracy-based tube site’s penchant for stunt PR.

Khalifa, who is reportedly the most searched person on some pretty highly-trafficked tube sites, presents a series of interesting phenomena…

Why, many are wondering, did Khalifa get so popular so fast? Lots of girls shoot to fame quickly in the porn world, but most of their careers are trackable. They film scene after scene in Los Angeles, crafting an image and building a brand. Khalifa, on the other hand, works out of Florida, never does press (she declined to be interviewed for this story), and appears to have only shot about 12 pornographic scenes in her entire life.

I had plenty to say about “why” – read the entire piece on Complex here.

You can also read “The Rise of Hijab Porn” on VICE UK right here.


(pictured: Mia montage via Complex)

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