Ok, so as we know I recently purchased two Puppy Surpises, both in the Zoey model, for two lucky little girls I know (here).

The girls had communicated their desire for Puppy Surprise via a letter to Santa. But this update is not about the elaborate ruse I concocted to convince them that Santa had asked me to help him out with the gift giving, oh no. It’s about the actual surprises that came along with this toy.

1. The number of puppies in your surprise…

I had suspected that the number of puppies unzipped from each momma dog corresponded to the model of dog – e.g. all Zoeys had three puppies, all Popcorns had four, etc.

And when the girls opened their respective Zoey dogs, each came with three puppies (correct!), BUT one Zoey had all girls, while the other had two girls and one boy. Hmmm – so maybe the number is dependent on dog model while the assigned sex-and-gender vary?

OK… except that:

2. The number of puppies is *not* contingent on the dog momma model…

Another little girl the girls know also received a Puppy Surprise, also Zoey. This Zoey, however, came with four (4!) puppies – two girls and two boys!

What. The. FKKK?!!

I don’t know why I am so fascinated with Puppy Surprise. Maybe it’s because I don’t get to see kids’ toys firsthand like this too often. Regardless though, I am so compelled by seemingly small things like this, which I feel must have some sort of wider implications.

Surprise, surprise.


pictured: apparently, there’s actually a surprise involved!

* * *

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